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Dear Friend,
the ISYS MODEL carries a huge potential for development. This potential is now ready to be deployed, but its deployment requires a team made up of special people. People, young and old, with experience who are looking for excellence in everything they do. People who love what they do; who were born to do what they do and who happen to handle the English/spanish language quite well. We need to work with:

  • a quantum physicist with a very broad capacity for conception
  • a high level mathematician, capable of mathematical modelling of anything
  • a systems programmer
  • a specialist in servers and web pages
  • a specialist in the genome
  • an event producer
  • a lobbying, fund raiser, public relations specialist
  • an ISYS model promoter
  • a nursery and day care center teacher

if you already are a teacher, and feel called to find out more; if you would like to explore the possibility of being trained as a promoter of the NOESIAN PEDAGOGY, or would like to begin developing the first Noesian Nursery with me, please do not hesitate to contact me. We have much to do.
Or, if you already have the means and would like to support me in this very important life project, but would want to know more about me before we meet, then you can look at my profile on this page, check out my
PROFILE ON GOOGLE and visit my blog on NOESIAN PEDAGOGY. Leave me a comment, let me know of your interest and leave your contact details. I will send you written material and the endorsements other people have issued about my work and its potential.

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