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Throughout these years I have met people, services and products that are worth sharing because their authors add much value to them. In this section I will make recommendations and connect you with the very people who provide these services or products. This list will grow with time and experience. So let us begin:

This man´s name is SHAWN CASEY. He has achieved many people´s dreams just by learning how to harness the incredible power of internet affiliate marketing and thus establishing his own PASSIVE INCOME STREAM. You can do that too. He is teaching you how to. And he does so for two reasons:
1. He is fed up with the status quo concerning the way man is handling recession. Amidst recession he has actually set up a PASSIVE INCOME STREAM and makes money WHILE he is busy doing the other things he loves. He lets the internet earn his living while HE MAKES HIS LIFE!
2. As befits and becomes an empowered man, he wants to empower you! He is giving away his method without charging you a cent! So please look him up at

This man´s name is BRUCE LIPTON. He is a scientist and a beautiful human being. He breaks up and breaks down the genetic dogma of being a victim of our heredity and exposes the phalacy of genetic determination. And he does this so didactically! He has a couple of books you should get your hands on and whenever you have the chance to hear him in person, please do so. You guys in the States are so blessed with these opportunities!! So do use them. You can find more of this man at


These two guys are the run of the mill guys. Just two regular guys. And that is what makes them so special to you!! Because they have accomplished, without being special, the same thing you can. They have been able to activate in themselves the miracle of knowing how to manifest what they want in life: STEVE KERN, on your right, has done this UNCONSCIOUSLY; RYAN HIGGINS, on your left, has done this CONSCIOUSLY. They will tell you about this themselves. Look them up at

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