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The entire world is currently being subjected to a sharp change in paradigms, for example

1. The role of quantum physics in our lives
2. the dogma breakdown of genetic determination,
3. wealth redefined by information management and not by material possession
4. challenging traditional teaching methods
5. challenging the current monetary system
6. the understanding that it is the epigenome the factor that provides versatility in genetic control
7. The association between neuropeptides and our emotional states,
8. the breakdown in the dogma about neuronal regeneration

and by the same token, being that the symptoms produced by the demands and the effects of such changes are so evident (the current economic recession, the ongoing viral pests, psychological and financial uncertainty, etc.) it becomes increasingly necessary to provide mankind with guidance about what is happening and about what life is asking of man concerning his way of participating in these changes. We play a role in the maturation and the outcome of these new circumstances world over. Our task is to develop, organize, and provide the tools with which to train man to handle the changes and the effects these changes are producing. Our corporate task is to contribute to the evolution of the human species as a group and as individuals.

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