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In this section I share with you some of the tools I use to support the personal transformations I am often subjected to by life’s demands. If you happen to live in Lima I am at your service if you want to learn any of them.

This man on the left is Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. It was he who introduced transcendental meditation to the world and who encouraged and sponsored an innumerable amount of scientific research on the effects of meditation. Maharishi trained me as an instructor of transcendental meditation. My training began in South Fallsburg, NY, and then continued in Seelisberg, Switzerland to finally end up in Medellin, Colombia. I started teaching in Lima in 1978 and continued until 1980. TM is an extraordinary tool to process the effects of distress. As one of my students once told me, “After meditating I feel a unique physiological well-being that lasts several hours.” You can find lots of info on TM on the internet, but you can start by going to the
following address (click).

While I was being trained to be a TM instructor, the same people taught me hatha-yoga (asanas). And for me these asanas have turned out to be another extraordinary tool to manage the effects produced by the demands of personal transformation so typical of the processes of self-knowledge. With the ISYS model I was able to discover that many of the 650 striated muscles of our body are involved in the construction of our POSTURE. The remaining muscles partake in sustaining our LOCUTION, LOCOMOTION and PREHENSION. The process by which our posture is built is called APTATION. APTATION is the construction of a posture in which all our joints are correctly aligned with each other. In APTATION our muscles have an optimal tone -which maintains the proper alignment of the joints. But if instead of our joints having a proper alignment they turn out to be misaligned then the process is called COAPTATION. In coaptation, our muscles do not have a proper tone. Instead of tone there is TENSILITY.
In us there is a mixture of the two processes: a mixture of tone and tensility. The process to undo coaptation is called DECOAPTATION. And guess what: ASANAS are the perfect tool to invoke this process! As I was once told by one of my students: “doing asanas is like getting a sauna inside! The feeling of wellbeing is exquisite!”.

When I was taught yoga, they curiously forgot to teach me to breathe! And I did not realize this until several years later! On becoming aware of this, I began to observe my own lungs and diaphragm and read relevant material. Finally I developed a method that teaches what I call COMPLETE BREATHING through a 6 hour workshop. I have taught in the USA, Canada and Lima. My students have told me that breathing up to 6 liters of air in each inhalation / exhalation fills the entire body with a nice tingling heat.

What they did teach me regarding breathing is a technique called pranayama. Pranayama is a technique that alternates the use of each nostril -inhaling and exhaling through each one of them separately. It has been shown that this alternation helps produce a better commissural communication between brain hemispheres. But there is a huge difference between doing pranayama using complete breathing and without using it. It is the difference between driving less than a liter of air per nostril and managing between 4 and 6 liters of air per nostril!

Well, these are the tools I have been using every day for the last 34 years to help manage the changes and effects on the body and the brain by the processes of self-awakening and personal transformation. If you were to show interest in them and happen to live in Lima, I gladly offer to do so.
INSTRUCTIONS: all of those interested do leave your comment in the box provided hence and include your contact information. But if you prefer a more private communication, then do use the email provided in my profile below on this page.

OTHER TOOLS AND ITEMS I also address and practice and about which I give CONFERENCES and WORKSHOPS are:

  1. Yoga Sutras of Patanjali
  2. Emotional Freedom Technique
  3. Neurofeedback
  4. The 12 Laws of Self Reference
  5. The 8 Flow & Affluence Profiles
  6. Denouncing the Monetary System
  7. The Global Coherence Initiative
  8. The movie THE SECRET
  10. Neuroscience and the Pedagogy of Teaching
  11. Neuroscience and the Pedagogy of Parenting

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