9.INMATES ALSO HAVE BRAINS (although they may not use it properly)

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I have been contacted by the National Institute of Penitentiaries through a teacher, Freddy Espinoza, asking about the feasibility of developing a theory of criminal rehabilitation based on the ISYS Model and the Noesian Pedagogy. I gave them an hour and a half lecture and submitted a 9 stage plan. They are currently seeking funding to jump-start the project, and I have been asked to do the same. You can visit their page at http://docentesinpeperu.ning.com/
By the way, it is through them I have learned there are many other teachers who work in the penitentiary context throughout Latin America and I suppose the same is true for Northamerica. To them I also extend my profound interest in developing a theory of criminal rehabilitation that really does merit the label.

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