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It is essential to cultivate and nurture a virtual presence for the ISYS Model and for Neuronoetics. We can achieve this by creating a virtual environment on the Internet which in turn enjoys a lot of traffic. To accomplish this we will have to transit through the following phases:

  1. Set up a Server with the concurrent software.
  2. Hire someone to be responsible for maintaining the server in constantly good shape.
  3. Build your own website.
    Identify and develop the content that will be submitted to the website.
  4. Learning to develop and maintain BLOGS both in our own website and as in other bog sponsors (like this one for example).
  5. I eventually want to turn our website into a Virtual Campus.

On the other hand, it is essential to attract interest and recruit people akin to these aspirations so that we can together continue developing ISYS and start applying ISYS to the world to accomplish the things outside that the model has already accomplished in the field of concepts, conceptions, discernments and abstractions.

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