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A friend of mine has a beautiful property in Chosica (3,000 square meters) that can be converted into a research facility and which can also accommodate the nursery I so much want to set up; where I can channel all I have learned about the brain into the Noesian Pedagogy. Purchasing it would cost about $ 250,000 and an equivalent amount to remodel it. I could organize the day care center here, I could use it as a venue for several activities -now paralyzed due to lack of resources; I could draw the Peruvian teachers here for training, I could implement a think tank here, I could establish my theoretical laboratory here and install a server for our own webpage and e-courses.
It is a beautiful place to conduct retreats, conferences, workshops, etc. Peruvians and Latin Americans are almost a virgin market for the consciousness industry. As I said this is where I can also develop and host my think-tank as we work together hosting local people as well as those who come from abroad. Hence it is also important to have the necessary paraphernalia for the translation and subtitling of digital videos. I want this place to be the Center of Operations for Neuronoetics.

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