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NEURONOETICS, World Institute for the Science of Consciousness, has been founded as a 501c3 nonprofit scientific Corporation and a 509a1 charitable institution in the state of Washington, USA, and recognized by the IRS. I want to contribute all I can to solve the problem of poverty in my country (Peru) and abroad with the earnings of my work and the donations that people may want to give us. So I have to build a reputable corporate image that is known for its iron-clad reliability. By the same token, Neuronoetics is also established and recognized in Peru. We are a scientific institution that is devoted to basic research in Theoretical neuroscience. We have been doing this for 34 years now and we are ready to convey what we have learned. And we started by teaching in Peru.
In the field of education, our institution is bound to create an scholastic environment for the teacher population. Our services are aimed at changing the teacher so that he no longer is part of the problem in the Peruvian education but a solution. We want to use our unique understanding of the neurosciences as an axis to create a germinal scholastic environment. We offer to train you in using the conceptual tools provided by the Neurosciences and Quantum Physics and integrated into the body of our own work, the ISYS Model. We offer teachers the tools with which to change the paradigms of teaching, learning and assessment. We want to continue learning with you the teachers; learning from the wealth of your experiences and your observations. We at Neuronoetics, need you to wake up so that we can research together what we are trying to educate. The conceptual tools for such research and the tools to assist you in waking up already exist and we have them available for you.

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