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Since 1992 there is a more or less concerted worldwide search for the origins of consciousness. This search is conducted by thousands of scientists representing several countries and from a variety of academic and professional quarries, including the neurosciences, superstring theory, genetics, and quantum physics, among others. Peru is also represented in this search which has been institutionalized in a non-profit scientific corporation: NEURONOETICS, World Institute for the Science of Consciousness (2000 USA) and NEURONOETICS, Instituto de Investigacion en Ciencias Noeticas (1985 in Peru). Our proposal is called the ISYS MODEL (Identity System). It has taken us 34 years to develop the theoretical platform of the ISYS model and henceforth we shall dedicate all our resources to
1. continue with the development of this theoretical platform
2. prepare the institution to assume the need to scientifically validate each of the theses proposed by the Model
3. train promoters for the ISYS model
4. apply the ISYS Model to the following areas: Education, Medicine, Self-knowledge, Corporate Life, Longevity

I have launched this blog into virtual space because through it I am looking to attract people to train in the ISYS model, with whom to form a think tank and with whom to achieve my deepest aspirations. Would you like to find out more, join me in this adventure, do an internship, be part of a team with which to open the doors to the ineffable, both personally and professionally? Please look me up and let’s talk. From Chosica today march 3 2013

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