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Please be warned!! Our ugliness is not easy to watch yet it is very easy to dispatch and deliver. All we have to do is blindly obey an impulse!

       There are two videos further down. In the first video you will see what happens to an animal after he has succumbed to what in spanish is called chronic “MALTRATO”. What you can actually SEE is what is publicly observable. But what you CAN NOT SEE is that which is not publicably observable; ie, what is happening in this animal´s brain. His life experience has wired the anticipation of PAIN, CRUELTY, INDIFFERENCE and DISDAIN. And  this video plainly documents that what this dog expects will happen, is a repeat of what it knows so well because the dog does not have any other reference to go to! Yet look at what haopens as the NEW EXPERIENCE, although ever so slowly and painfully, does not confirm its expectations!

The pain “this dog feels” as it is caressed is the pain that has been wired as ANTICIPATION! What hurts him is NOT THE ACTUAL TOUCH. What hurts him is his anticipation that it will still hurt. That ANTICIPATION has been profoundly wired due to his past experience. 

And so it is in each and every one of US. So, please learn to create NEW EXPERIENCES.  Learn to make NEW MEMORIES, generate new EXPECTATIONS and make NEW DECISIONS! Rewire your brain!! Do not allow others to mistreat you, catch yourself when you are mistreating yourself and do not allow yourself to mistreat others! Catch yourself in the act! Intercede for yourself so as to become a better version of yourself. This process is called INTERCESION and it you want I can teach you, I can mentor you, I can train you!

In the second video  we can actually see the WORST IN MAN in action. I want all humanity to become aware of this. Because in all of us dwell these same impulses – that in this man have taken control of his musculature. In others, like the rest of us, these same impulses may also exist but the difference is that we are interested in making them vanish and not cultivate them. Who do you want to pet? the dog that wiggles his tail everytime he sees you and the one that growls at you? That is the work we all have to learn to do. But this man is not DOING IT.

Our brain is designed to guarantee you survive your circumstances no matter the price you pay for survival. And the price you pay will not be a mistake! This price becomes the distortion the brain wires so that YOU MAY survive your own pain. It is when you are an adult that we can give ourselves the opportunity to question this “SURVIVAL GESTURE” and change its status in our lives. But this is only possible if you WANT TO DO SO. And this man in the video doesn´t even know he has that option. I do caution you! Please watch with care for your sensitivity. It took me many weeks before I could allow myself to watch it to the end; and it is only 58 seconds long!!!

This man must be identified and stripped away of his arrogance -which he most likely calls his DIGNITY and defends this behavior as his right to do as he deems fit with his child.

           This is a marvelous documentation of the quality of inner reality in the majority of people in the world; at least a depiction of that part of the world that has absolutely no interest in assuming the exigencies of TRANSFORMATIONAL CHANGE. They are too comfy in their complacency. For some of us our histories are written in the language of sacrifice and forgiveness. For others, like this man, history is written in  the language of punishment and public shame.

           We must not allow the WORST IN US to be amplified nor the BEST IN US to be drowned. This man must heal and his healing will begin with his punishment. Because for a brain like this, punishment is an adequate language he will understand. Can anyone find and identify this man? From his accent I gather he is an american.

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  1. Hi Kim. Thanks for your kind comment, that is, I am glad my message appealed to you in spite of the gruesomeness depicted in the video. I “dislike” this video very much” yet I find it compelling in showing us just how Allienated we are from ourselves, how stranged we are from our HUMANITY. Thanks again Kim.

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