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Since 1992 there is a more or less concerted worldwide search for the origins of consciousness. This search is conducted by thousands of scientists representing several countries and from a variety of academic and professional quarries, including the neurosciences, superstring theory, genetics, and quantum physics, among others. Peru is also represented in this search which has been institutionalized in a non-profit scientific corporation: NEURONOETICS, World Institute for the Science of Consciousness (2000 USA) and NEURONOETICS, Instituto de Investigacion en Ciencias Noeticas (1985 in Peru). Our proposal is called the ISYS MODEL (Identity System). It has taken us 34 years to develop the theoretical platform of the ISYS model and henceforth we shall dedicate all our resources to
1. continue with the development of this theoretical platform
2. prepare the institution to assume the need to scientifically validate each of the theses proposed by the Model
3. train promoters for the ISYS model
4. apply the ISYS Model to the following areas: Education, Medicine, Self-knowledge, Corporate Life, Longevity

I have launched this blog into virtual space because through it I am looking to attract people to train in the ISYS model, with whom to form a think tank and with whom to achieve my deepest aspirations. Would you like to find out more, join me in this adventure, do an internship, be part of a team with which to open the doors to the ineffable, both personally and professionally? Please look me up and let’s talk. From Chosica today march 3 2013


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NEURONOETICS, World Institute for the Science of Consciousness, has been founded as a 501c3 nonprofit scientific Corporation and a 509a1 charitable institution in the state of Washington, USA, and recognized by the IRS. I want to contribute all I can to solve the problem of poverty in my country (Peru) and abroad with the earnings of my work and the donations that people may want to give us. So I have to build a reputable corporate image that is known for its iron-clad reliability. By the same token, Neuronoetics is also established and recognized in Peru. We are a scientific institution that is devoted to basic research in Theoretical neuroscience. We have been doing this for 34 years now and we are ready to convey what we have learned. And we started by teaching in Peru.
In the field of education, our institution is bound to create an scholastic environment for the teacher population. Our services are aimed at changing the teacher so that he no longer is part of the problem in the Peruvian education but a solution. We want to use our unique understanding of the neurosciences as an axis to create a germinal scholastic environment. We offer to train you in using the conceptual tools provided by the Neurosciences and Quantum Physics and integrated into the body of our own work, the ISYS Model. We offer teachers the tools with which to change the paradigms of teaching, learning and assessment. We want to continue learning with you the teachers; learning from the wealth of your experiences and your observations. We at Neuronoetics, need you to wake up so that we can research together what we are trying to educate. The conceptual tools for such research and the tools to assist you in waking up already exist and we have them available for you.


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The ISYS model treats the brain as the organ where the learning processes occur. Hence, the neurosciences are at the core of any situation where you have to inform or form (conform, deform, reform or transform) an individual: because when we form or inform we are actually activating or taking advantage of learning processes. The procedures by which we activate the learning process as a whole are called PEDAGOGY. Consequently, the model distinguishes between a pedagogy of

  1. Parenting
  2. Teaching
  3. Criminal Rehabilitation
  4. Criminal reeducation
  5. Vocational Training
  6. Changing Paradigms
  7. Personal Transformation and
  8. Spiritual Development

In other words, on the one hand, there is neuroscience behind the pedagogy and the didactics associated with a wide range of processes and learning contexts, and, on the other hand, the neurosciences also require us to reconsider that education is much more than what goes on within a classroom. This is education for the third millennium. And we have taken up this challenge by training and upgrading teachers in Peru; as we have already started doing at the Universidad Nacional de Educacion “La Cantuta.


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A friend of mine has a beautiful property in Chosica (3,000 square meters) that can be converted into a research facility and which can also accommodate the nursery I so much want to set up; where I can channel all I have learned about the brain into the Noesian Pedagogy. Purchasing it would cost about $ 250,000 and an equivalent amount to remodel it. I could organize the day care center here, I could use it as a venue for several activities -now paralyzed due to lack of resources; I could draw the Peruvian teachers here for training, I could implement a think tank here, I could establish my theoretical laboratory here and install a server for our own webpage and e-courses.
It is a beautiful place to conduct retreats, conferences, workshops, etc. Peruvians and Latin Americans are almost a virgin market for the consciousness industry. As I said this is where I can also develop and host my think-tank as we work together hosting local people as well as those who come from abroad. Hence it is also important to have the necessary paraphernalia for the translation and subtitling of digital videos. I want this place to be the Center of Operations for Neuronoetics.


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It is essential to cultivate and nurture a virtual presence for the ISYS Model and for Neuronoetics. We can achieve this by creating a virtual environment on the Internet which in turn enjoys a lot of traffic. To accomplish this we will have to transit through the following phases:

  1. Set up a Server with the concurrent software.
  2. Hire someone to be responsible for maintaining the server in constantly good shape.
  3. Build your own website.
    Identify and develop the content that will be submitted to the website.
  4. Learning to develop and maintain BLOGS both in our own website and as in other bog sponsors (like this one for example).
  5. I eventually want to turn our website into a Virtual Campus.

On the other hand, it is essential to attract interest and recruit people akin to these aspirations so that we can together continue developing ISYS and start applying ISYS to the world to accomplish the things outside that the model has already accomplished in the field of concepts, conceptions, discernments and abstractions.


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I am also a facilitator of Neurofeedback. The machine is operational here in Chosica. I was originally trained by Susan Othmer in Chicago and then in Encino, California. This was in 1996. This machine was also acquired on that date. It’s been 13 years since that day and I do need to become actualized with the advances in this technology and for this I must go to the Neurofeedback Center in California to be updated by the people who originally trained me. My purpose in this area is to train people here in Peru to use NFB as a tool in their own occupations (occupational therapy, clinical psychologists, physical therapy, learning problems, etc.). In other words I want to establish a NFB franchise. For more information in English visit: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qZbP35_hZOI&feature=related


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I have an almost 2 year old child. See his photo. I want to pour everything I have learned about the brain through a nursery that will tend to my child and 9 other babies his age in the area where we live. This service would initially be free of charge or with a minimum payment because most families around here are poor. In order for me to devote myself completely to this initiative, without doing anything else until I have trained others to do what I will set out to do, I need to have a grant, a sponsorship or a venture investment for a period of 2 to 3 years. Following this experimental stage, I will have enough experience to launch into the world what I have called the NOESIAN PEDAGOGY: an educational system based on how the brain, mind and consciousness are developed over time, ie, based on the ISYS Model.
Dear friend, if you already are a teacher, and feel called to find out more, or you would like to explore the possibility of being trained as a promoter of the
NOESIAN PEDAGOGY, please do not hesitate to contact me. We have much to do.
Or, if you already have the means and would like to support us in this very important life project, but you would like to know more about me, then you can look up my profile in this page, see my
PROFILE IN GOOGLE and visit my blog at NOESIAN PEDAGOGY. Leave me a comment, let me know of your interest and leave your contact details so I may send you some endorsements written by people who have been positively affected by my work and its potential.
Ahh, and do remember, Neuronoetics is a non-profit 501c3 and a charitable 509a1 corporation so you can deduct your support from your taxes to the IRS.


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Neuronoetics and the National University of Education “La Cantuta” have signed a agreement lasting 3 years, of which 1 and a half years have already gone by. In this context, I have taught two courses at the university and recently taught a 6 month post-graduate course in Neurosciences and Pedagogy to 28 professors during the last 6 months of 2008. In the accompanied photo I am being honored with a medal of merit by the Dean of the Faculty of Science for my scholastic contribution to this house of studies.
Through this blog I let all American universities know of my interest in coaching parents and preparing teachers using the ISYS model’s take of the neurosciences. My courses, workshops, conferences and graduate course are available. You can find my contact information in the profile provided in this page.

9.INMATES ALSO HAVE BRAINS (although they may not use it properly)

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I have been contacted by the National Institute of Penitentiaries through a teacher, Freddy Espinoza, asking about the feasibility of developing a theory of criminal rehabilitation based on the ISYS Model and the Noesian Pedagogy. I gave them an hour and a half lecture and submitted a 9 stage plan. They are currently seeking funding to jump-start the project, and I have been asked to do the same. You can visit their page at http://docentesinpeperu.ning.com/
By the way, it is through them I have learned there are many other teachers who work in the penitentiary context throughout Latin America and I suppose the same is true for Northamerica. To them I also extend my profound interest in developing a theory of criminal rehabilitation that really does merit the label.


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The entire world is currently being subjected to a sharp change in paradigms, for example

1. The role of quantum physics in our lives
2. the dogma breakdown of genetic determination,
3. wealth redefined by information management and not by material possession
4. challenging traditional teaching methods
5. challenging the current monetary system
6. the understanding that it is the epigenome the factor that provides versatility in genetic control
7. The association between neuropeptides and our emotional states,
8. the breakdown in the dogma about neuronal regeneration

and by the same token, being that the symptoms produced by the demands and the effects of such changes are so evident (the current economic recession, the ongoing viral pests, psychological and financial uncertainty, etc.) it becomes increasingly necessary to provide mankind with guidance about what is happening and about what life is asking of man concerning his way of participating in these changes. We play a role in the maturation and the outcome of these new circumstances world over. Our task is to develop, organize, and provide the tools with which to train man to handle the changes and the effects these changes are producing. Our corporate task is to contribute to the evolution of the human species as a group and as individuals.